Technical progress or "alive" communication?

In the modern world, technology plays a huge role in human life. Gadgets and the Internet have become part of our life, as well as other aspects of life, we can not imagine the process of learning without them. The Internet gave us access to a huge amount of information. The learning process has become much easier, because now, we can do homework or prepare a report without leaving home. But at the same time, technology often replaced the teacher.On the one hand, visually perceiving information is sometimes easier, and it's easier for a teacher to turn on a video for 10 minutes than spend that time on a speech that she/he needs to prepare. But at the same time, contact between the teacher and the student is lost, And the process of introducing technology into the learning process is becoming more active. More than once I've seen experiments conducted in some schools, when a live teacher was completely replaced by a computer. And, perhaps, not so far, teachers will be completely replaced by robotics...

Attitude to this process is a personal choice of each person.

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Margarita, I think that «alive» teachers will be never replaced. Technologies play a big part of learning and teaching processes, but «they» ( some technologies have an artificial Intelligence (does it make technologies alive🤔 this is a question)) could answer to cliché  questions. On my opinion great choice is «50/50».

I think that teachers can use technologies in order to make their lessons better, but it does not means that teacbers will be replaced.  Teachers also can communicate with students using technologies

I like the process of 'alive' communication.The teacher sees your reaction,your emotions, feels your mood.And you feels his or hers.Unfortunately, it can be missed if you use technologies.But the modern technologies help us to facilitate our learning process.

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